Quality over quantity-Always!

Hello everyone!

My name is Kristen; I am the Founder and Lead Coordinator of The Planning Nest. I have been seriously looking for my passion for years and feel like it is evident in my work that I have found it. Although The Planning Nest was founded just recently in 2020, I know that my team and I can provide you with the best and most personal experiences while planning/coordinating your wedding.

Through just these few months, I learned lessons that I never thought would have to be learned this early on in a business. I took the leap to learn the trade, get my wedding planning license and got my team together. I bettered my understanding and leadership skills and find out why I am so passionate about serving you all.

It’s that feeling you get during the first consultation when your bride gets emotional about a unique piece, they want you to add to their wedding in honor of someone they lost. It’s that connection you feel with your clients almost instantaneously when you know exactly what to suggest next for that perfect venue design! It’s the inspiration you get when feeling surrounded by creativity and new ideas that your clients send to you. It’s coming up with a beautiful idea that makes both you and your clients happy.  It’s that feeling you get when an emotional mother gives you a hug and says “Please, just make sure this is the happiest day of my daughter’s life.” But most of all, it’s you that drives my passion.

Here at The Planning Nest, I am confident that my team and I can offer you the most personal wedding planning and coordinating experience. We love our clients, and we appreciate you all deeply. Thank you all for coming and supporting us and our families and letting us help you design/coordinate the day of your dreams!  


Kristen Edgar

Founder/ Lead Coordinator of The Planning Nest

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